If apartheid architecture could segregate and oppress, Ubuntu-led design can bring people together and enable opportunities for all.

Our Mission.

Ubuntu Design Group exists to solve architectural design and financial inclusion problems of low-income communities around the world. Our mission is to empower inadequately sheltered families to overcome economic and social challenges and barriers, through innovation and collaboration in designing for the future vision of their home and community.

For as little as $10/R140, buy-a-brick to build a home.


The Ngcobo family lived in a temporary mud-brick house, which was sadly destroyed during a rainstorm. The destruction of the Ngcobo family’s house was not due to lack of hard work and effort by the family, but because of limited and poor resources available to them.

We partnered with the Ngcobo family to build them a new home, a home that reflects their creativity and culture, and empowers the community around them.

To promote local entrepreneurship and ingenuity all Ubuntu-designed homes have a commercial space allowing the structure to serve a dual purpose. The Ngcobo family will be running a fresh food produce market from their commercial space allowing the family to operate a business and be self-sustaining.

Learn more about the families we help.

Ways to Partner with Us.



Impact investors lend a 25%
down payment – to be returned without interest in one year.



Surety partners underwrite Ubuntu’s mortgages, in the case of unresolvable default. 



With $20,000/R277,176 you can build an entire home and provide shelter and financial sustainability for a family.

Inadequate Living Conditions

In South Africa, apartheid architecture was created to segregate and oppress by ethnic groups. The inhumane apartheid regime ended in 1994, but some 25 years later, families are still living in unjustifiable conditions with slim opportunities to improve their circumstances.


uBUNTU Architectural dESIGN

Ubuntu seeks to develop community based architecture to liberate and enable opportunity, growth and commerce for inadequately sheltered families. We work with families who are unable to qualify for a loan, to build them a home with a commercial space for life-long sustainability.

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