Working with Contractors

Ubuntu Home is actively seeking partnership with established Contractors & Developers. Both the suitability of a prospective site for entry level housing and the experience of the contractor are assessed by Ubuntu Home prior to entering into a working agreement and investing.

While a Ubuntu Home is similar to other development project investments, it provides a contractor with several clear advantages. Below are some of the benefits for contractors to work with Ubuntu Home:

Expanded Market

Ubuntu’s unique design and financing model exposes contractors to a new market that wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford their services.

Faster Absorption

A bigger market means less time to get to construction and completion it also brings security of future jobs.


Approval Support

Ubuntu home is uniquely positioned to provide contractors not only a project partner but also a strategic partner that will help contractors meet affordable targets set by the city and receive positive consideration on planning,other requirements and CSR points.


Better Communities

Ubuntu Home believes in inclusive design and development where a broad range of people live and build a strong and healthy community. We’re looking for contractor & developer partners who share that vision


Social Impact

Ubuntu Home will track and report its positive social impact by measuring number of people provided with dignified affordable homes, number of Jobs generated by construction and the commercial component of the home. We also look at the family’s income before and after they have the home, the impact on kids education and the direct and indirect impact that home is having on its community.