“Architecture is just a frame and people are the big picture.” - Obi Okolo

We provide Architecture,  Design Thinking and Community Development services to help Non-Profits, Foundations and Municipalities do What they do best, have more targeted and measured impact that lasts for a longtime.

We provide our design and community development services to organizations that are working on finding sustainable solutions in the field of housing, education and health with “home” being the nucleus of sustainability. Ubuntu believes that housing is the basis for sustainability, by giving communities dignified shelter, we improve health, boost the economy, empowers young leaders and gives kids more time for school. Whether we design a school, a clinic or a home the first question we ask ourselves is; how can we make this place home for those it’s going to serve. How can the buildings structure protect people from weather elements whilst also serving as an educational tool, could the wall also be the map of kenya? Lastly we ask ourselves, how can this design/master plan improve one’s mental and physical health. We design with the community hence ensuring a guaranteed success and sustainability factor.

Our Unique Client Model:

We are committed to finding sustainable projects that will make this world a better place and that’s why we work with organizations regardless of whether or not they’ve got the sufficient budget to implement the project.

We get it, raising funds is hard, it takes time, needs a compelling story and illustrated vision to achieve your goal and you don’t always have all the money to pay for the compelling story, after all that’s why you’re fundraising, grant writing etc…

At Ubuntu, we get it and that is why we are willing to work with non-profits and other organizations at different stages of project development. If we think your project will change the world, we will work with you to tell your story so that you can get the resources necessary to improve lives. Below are steps to get discounted services to help you fundraise and then implement your world changing project:


Great Project concept/idea

Partner Organization need to have a qualified team to see project through

Sign a contract with Ubuntu, to use Ubuntu service post fundraising

We’ll do the conceptual design and specific related services such as: Storytelling (Video) + Grant writing + Budget Estimation, depending on what the organization needs, at a discounted rate with the idea that clients will pay the rest post fundraising.

The funds raised will pay for the initial storytelling and design services

Additional Service: Measuring building impact over a period of 5 years, this helps our clients to have a track record of success which enables them to ascertain more funding for future initiatives.   

We also work with clients with the necessary funds to design and execute a project and they also have the option of adding impact measuring services or story telling services to market their project.


Target Market/Clients:

Non-Profits, Foundations, Social Enterprises, Municipalities & related Organizations addressing sustainable solutions to poverty, housing, education and health.

We Work With Organizations Focused on:




Types of services

Consulting (Community engagement, storytelling, project identification…)

Architectural Design

Measuring Impact Service

Specified Services Provided

Architectural Design

Master Planning

Community Development


Design Thinking

Inclusive Design

Measuring Impact

Client A (Funding Pending) ; Client B (Has funding)

Services for Client A:

Pre Design Services:


Grant Writing

Feasibility Study

Pre-Architectural design

Client B (Has funding)

Architectural Services

Listening to build - Ubuntu Process

Schematic Design

Design Development

Construction Documents

Bidding & Negotiations

Construction Management

Post - Design Occupancy Evaluation