What it means to be an Ubuntu Family?

Do you dream of owning your own home? Ubuntu may be able to help! We partner with entrepreneurial, land-owning, lower income families living in inadequate and dilapidated conditions to help them build their own home through a unique affordable homeownership solution.

Who qualifies for affordable homeownership?

Minimum requirements:

  • Annual household income < R170,000/$12,275

  • Land-owning

  • Exhibit entrepreneurial skills/track record

  • Inadequate or dilapidated housing

  • Live in Townships or Peri-Urban Settlements

  • Can demonstrate that the house will enhance their business venture

  • Market opportunity

Application to qualify for an Ubuntu built home.

Disclaimer: Unable to save and return to the application. For ease of use, please prepare necessary information beforehand.

Selection Criteria
Annual household income < R170,000/$12,275?
Inadequate or dilapidated housing?
Exhibit entrepreneurial skills?
Can demonstrate that the house will enhance their business venture?
Market opportunity?
Applicant Information
Applicant Legal Name *
Applicant Legal Name
Preferred Phone Number *
Preferred Phone Number
WhatsApp Phone Number (Optional)
WhatsApp Phone Number (Optional)
Current Address *
Current Address
Owned Land Location *
Owned Land Location
Is someone else filling out this form other than the beneficiary? If you answered 'Yes', please fill out a, b & c below.
a. Name
a. Name
b. Phone
b. Phone
Family Structure
Land Ownership
Do you own the land that you wish to have the Ubuntu Home built on?
If the answer above is yes, do you have proof of the land ownership (deed)?
Household Income
If accepted, would you be able to provide proof of income (pay stubs, etc.)?
Housing Conditions
What type of settlement is your house currently located in?
What are your current living conditions? (Check all that apply)
Business Plan
Are you proposing a new business or are you signing up with an existing business?
Type of Business?
Do you partner with other businesses or do you see the opportunities for partnership?
Is your business registered with the local authorities?
Monthly Income - Please give a brief description of your business’ projected budget
Monthly Expenses - Description and cost of each
Budget Summary: Total Income - Total Expenses = Net Profit (Rands)
Clause: I have answered truthfully, and I am aware that I will be removed from consideration if I did not do so. *