By partnering with Ubuntu Design Group you have the opportunity to help change a family's life forever. With your investment we are able to work together and build homes. Investors play a big role in the success of building these home. Our financing model that allows anyone from local communities to organizations and companies to partner with us. Check out the three ways you can partner with UBG blow.

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Impact Investors

What does it it mean to be an Impact investor?

Impact investors lend a 25% down payment--to be returned without interest in one year--that qualifies the family for the funds needed to build their home.

  1. If the Ubuntu Family misses payments during the first year, the amount missed will be deducted from the down payment.

  2. Ubuntu will continue working with the family to ensure the recovery of this amount.

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Surety Partner

What does it it mean to be a Surety Partner

Surety partners underwrite Ubuntu’s mortgages, in the case of unresolvable default. Risks of default are mitigated by:

  1. Ubuntu Family selection criteria

  2. Home with a commercial space, capable of generating enough income to pay off the loan

  3. Ubuntu intervention in the case of a failed business, including the possibility of renting the space to other families as a residential space

In the case that none of these measures can cover the mortgage payments, the surety partner will step in to make the payments until the Ubuntu Family is able to begin payments again. Ubuntu will continue to work with the family to ensure good financial management.


Sponsor Partners

For those interested in fully funding a home without requiring repayment of the amount, Ubuntu has developed a discounted model to allow the construction of a home without the use of a mortgage.

  1. The home can be fully funded for $20,000

  2. The home can be dually-funded with another individual or organization for $10,000 each