Our Mission

To empower inadequately sheltered families to overcome economic and social challenges and barriers through innovation and collaboration in designing for the future vision of their home and community.  

Why we exist

Ubuntu Design Group exists to solve design problems for formal and informal communities (shanty-towns) around the world. Ideally, we want to work ourselves out of a job! Please help us create a world where Ubuntu doesn’t have to exist


How we want to change the world

At the heart of Ubuntu is the concept of community-- “I am because you are.” We want to give a voice to impoverished communities, empowering them to create sustainable homes and holistically healthy neighborhoods that incorporate local culture, craft, and creativity. We want to build not only houses but a spirit of togetherness. Architecture is life! If Apartheid architecture could segregate and oppress, community-based architecture can liberate and enable opportunity, growth, and commerce.


What we do

Our Goal “Ubuntu Design Group exists to solve design problems for formal and informal communities (shanty-towns) around the world through innovation and an inclusive development approach.

Listen to Build We pay attention to how communities are already solving problems and overcoming challenges. We also listen to what what communities want and need in their architecture and implement what we hear to design and build places and homes together with the community....

Build to Enable Our designs enable growth over time, commerce, and the development of opportunities within the community. This helps develop vibrant, healthy communities.

Enable Ubuntu We care about creating a holistic community, not only about creating a house and a commercial space. Through listening and through empowering opportunity, we enable such communities to grow

Our design services include architectural design, master planning, landscape architecture, and strategic planning.


Architecture is just a frame; people are the big picture
— Obi Okolo