Ubuntu Spirit  

Listen to Build 


Designing and building based on local tradition and the community’s own innovation and creative people. Building solely based on local innovation and context so as to create buildings and places that are sustainable and will last for a long time.

Building to Enable 


A home isn’t just a place to sleep in, could it also be a store, a daycare, how can people sustain themselves within the community. Designing buildings that are flexible, convertible and frugal, buildings that can easily adapt to future needs will outlive their life span and be repurposed then demolished.Building that will enable growth, commerce and other opportunities.

Enabling Ubuntu 


It’s not just about the house, the store nor the playground it’s about all these things coming together to make a vibrant community. A place that brings people together,  a place where the community can best work and play together to promote their shared values whilst sustaining themselves. We want to provide holistic urban design.